Evil Eye Gypsy's music is an eclectic mix of psychedelic, blues, alternative, hard rock and folk music. With a big guitar sound that touches on the shoegaze movement, the band's three guitarist create a dynamic that moves smoothly from haunting soundscapes to a huge wall of sound. Behind this is a strong rhythm section driven by powerful drums and punctuated with monster bass lines. On top of it all are soulful vocals that tell their stories.


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Indie Bands Blog Reviews Evil Eye Gypsy

“Evil Eye Gypsy came to my attention and I thought I should add this acid rock, blues band from Dayton in the USA. With seven to fit on the stage you may anticipate they would step in to each others space, but far from it.

This is so far away from my home territory, it surprises me too, but a slicing vocal can’t help but intrigue. The melody is ripped asunder the moment we find the voices breaking in to the space. The septet have some inspirational compositions as they appear to emerge from pillaging a cemetery as their dark and foreboding music slithers ghost like from the speakers.

Evil Eye Gypsy manage to reign the multitude of instruments and musicians to a coherent out-put and despite all the odds, it is that dramatic vocal which pivots the band. Whilst they don’t describe their music as such, they put the Goth in to Gothic. If Suicide Girls were ever looking for a sound-track, Evil Eye Gypsy would be the ideal selection.”— Tim, Indie Bands Blog


The Band

Jay - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboard

Aaron - Bass

Cat - Drums

Sherree Jane  - Percussion, Vocals

Mike - Guitars, Keyboard, Harmonica

Wolfgang - Guitars, Keyboard, Violin, Vocals

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