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Ed Sheeran Gives Grammys Suit To Charity Store 

According to the NME, singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran recently donated 12 bags of his clothes to a charity shop in his hometown of Framlingham, Suffolk. While that may not particularly interesting in itself, the bags contained the suits that Sheeran wore to the Grammys and the Brit Awards. The bag also

RIP Jean Shepard And Buckwheat Zydeco 

The music world lost two more beloved artists over the weekend, with the passing of country icon Jean Shepard and zydeco pioneer Stanley "Buckwheat" Dural Jr. Shepard died on Sunday at the age of 82. According to Rolling Stone, "Shepard was discovered at 14 by country star Hank Thompson and brought

Of Mice And Men Discuss "Cold World" 

Of Mice & Men have just released their fourth full length studio album. The bleakly-titled Cold World balances the internal and external landscapes of principle songwriter Austin Carlile, against the band's ensemble approach to writing music. The result is a matured vision of confusion, anger and

Emarosa Talk "131" 

Emarosa, at their simplest, are described as a rock band from Lexington, Kentucky who are currently enjoying the success of new album 131. They have an approach that is simple, straight-forward an unassuming. However, they are also a band that has not just weathered, but evolved through changes in