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Q&A: Take Aim with More to Monroe 

Get to know these Maryland upstarts More to Monroe vocalist/guitarist Chris D'Aquino is the subject of the Take Aim today. The Maryland band's Appalachia EP is out September 18. It boasts the sort of push and pull, razor sharp post-hardcore that mixes the urgency of Fugazi, the emotive power of

Video Premiere: Kyla Imani "Showtime" 

It's "Showtime" for this budding star-in-the-making. It's "Showtime" with Kyla Imani. The budding superstar-in-training known as Kyla Imani is a young multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, actress, composer, dancer and junior editor of "Lil' Miss Jones" in the popular Jones magazine. While her cover of

Song Premiere: Kimie Miner "Bottom of a Rainbow" 

This Hawaiian singer/songwriter has a wonderful voice! Kimie Miner wants you to find yourself at the "Bottom of a Rainbow." We are premiering her new song of that title from her self-titled album, out October 9. Born Kimié (pronounced Kimi-ay) Kauikeolani Miner, this singer/songwriter has developed

Song Premiere: Tunnel Vision "My Right" 

It's good to be focused and have Tunnel Vision! Tunnel Vision are sharing their song "My Right" from their self-titled album, out now! It's alt x pop x punk x ska. Like Sublime? Then you will love Tunnel Vision. But don't worry. This track isn't a throwback to the mid-'90s, when ska reigned supreme.

Feature Interview: Kristian Bush 

The singer/songwriter and out Artist of the Week is one-half of country duo Sugarland and he's finally getting the attention that he deserves with his solo effort 'Southern Gravity.' Kristian Bush has spent more than a dozen years as the creative yet largely silent force behind Sugarland, the

Featured Video: Kristian Bush "Light Me Up" 

Watch, listen and get lit up!     Kristian Bush has spent more than a dozen years as the creative yet largely silent force behind Sugarland, the country duo also featuring powerhouse vocalist Jennifer Nettles. Bush is a gifted songwriter and vocalist in his own right and that is why he is

3 Reasons: Jesse Malin Is Touring 

On the road just as his new album is released. Singer Jesse Malin returns with his latest album, Outsiders, on October 9. It's due out on One Little Indian/Velvet Elk Records. Mr. Malin is prolific, as his most-recent release New York Before the War was issued on March 31 of this year. The artist,

Sexy Selfie: Sam Smith Channels George Michael 

They are both British and pretty amazing. Modern day, blue-eyed soul superstar Sam Smith has a lot in common with George Michael, who was a major superstar in the late '80s. Both have amazing, emotive voices. Both are British. Both happen to be gay. Both ascended the pop charts, thanks to some

Music Regram: Fergie's Son Axl Pulls a Maverick 

As in Tom Cruise's character in "Top Gun" Sexy songstress Fergie and her husband, actor Josh Duhamel, celebrated their son Axl's second birthday this weekend with the cutest Insta pic! Axl was wearing a pair of mirrored aviators a la Tom Cruise in his breakthrough role as Maverick in Top Gun.

Interview: Bad Seed Rising 

Learn how the young band made their EP. Maryland's Bad Seed Rising have got the gusto to take over rock music, and they're barely out of high school. The youngest band ever to sign to Roadrunner Records—Francheska Pastor [vocals, guitar], Mason Gainer [guitar], Louey Peraza